Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessments

The Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) Consortium is made up of state departments of education who use and develop the DLM Alternate Assessment system.

DLM assessments are computer-based and accessible to students with significant cognitive disabilities for whom general state assessments are not appropriate, even with accommodations. DLM assessments offer students in grades three through high school a way to show what they know and can do.

Lesson Planning

The Lesson Wise process was developed to take you from the selection of a standard to implementation in your classroom.  This framework streamlines the development of creating unit and lesson plans that align to grade level standards while considering student variability.

Lesson Wise Steps:

  • Identify the standard(s) and skills
  • Define learning outcomes
  • Identify instructional activities
  • Identify strategies and supports to address barriers in the curriculum

Consider the principles of UDL to address barriers to instruction that may prevent a student from engaging in the content/activities.  For more information on UDL visit the CAST website, www.cast.org, or click here to view the CAST UDL Guidelines.

Download the Lesson Wise Unit Plan process form (.docx)

Download the Lesson Wise Unit Plan process form (.pdf)

Download the Skill Matrix form (.doc)

Take the Lesson Wise process one step further and develop a standards-based lesson plan. The Lesson Plan will take the learning outcomes and instructional activities defined in Lesson Wise and walk you through the process of creating objectives that meet the needs of all students.

Download the Lesson Plan blank form (.docx)

Download the Lesson Plan blank form (.pdf)

If you are instructing students across grade levels, use this helpful graphic organizer – Crossing Grade Levels.