Online and In-Person Workshops

Introduction to UDL Statewide Workshops (Fall)

Participants will gain knowledge about the theory and practice of UDL and how offering flexibility in goals, methods, materials, and assessment make learning accessible for all students.

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Advanced UDL Statewide Workshop (Fall)

Participants will take a closer look at the UDL Principles of Multiple Means of Engagement, Representation and Action & Expression to learn how they can be used to design lessons to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

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Schoology UDL Modules

Course Name:  Universal Design for Learning

Participants will gain a better understanding of UDL, its theory, principles and guidelines.

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Course Name: Teaching Remotely with UDL Recorded Webinars

UDL Welcome Mat

Providing Options for Sustaining Effort and Persistence

Providing Options for Language and Symbols

Providing Options for Expression and Communication

Providing Options for Self-Regulation

Providing Options for Comprehension

Providing Options for Executive Functions



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Schoology Discussion Group

Group Name: Universal Design for Learning           

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K-4 Literacy and Universal Design for Learning

In collaboration with the Delaware Department of Education, twice a year the ACCESS Project offers a learning pathway cohort focused on Universal Design for Learning in the early literacy classroom. Participants will understand and utilize the UDL framework to design a lesson based on district curriculum and complete the Learning Designed UDL Level -2 Credential. The cohort requires participation in two face-to-face workshops and four modules on Schoology consisting of learning about UDL through a choice of information, participating in required office hours to discuss the lesson and receive feedback, and discussion boards. Participants will present their lesson during the final workshop. Registration is through PDMS (PDMS # 29299).