Unit/Lesson Plans

As of August 2017, Delaware will shift from its current Grade-Band Extensions to Grade-Level Standards for instruction and the state alternate assessments.  Please note that the units below were created using the Grade Band Extensions and will require alignment to grade level standards.

This page includes links to unit and lesson plans created by teachers who participated in the ACCESS Project Teacher Cohort.  The cohort was comprised of teachers from across the state who instruct students with significant disabilities.  The focus of the cohort was to provide students with greater access to standards-based lessons. The units were developed using the ACCESS Project Lesson Wise process.  For more information, and to familiarize yourself with the Lesson Wise unit and lesson plans, click here.

Units were created for all four core content areas, English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Units are available for you to download and customize for individual students. When customizing lessons, consider the principles of UDL to address barriers to instruction that may prevent a student from engaging in the content/activities.  For more information on UDL visit the CAST website, www.cast.org, or click here to view the CAST UDL Guidelines.

  Content Area  Grade Band  Unit
ELA K-2  Flower Garden Unit
ELA K-2  Harry the Dirty Dog
ELA K-2  How I Became a Pirate
ELA K-2  Paper Crane/Japan Unit
ELA 3-5  Blizzard of the Blue Moon
ELA 3-5  Island of the Blue Dolphins
ELA 3-5  James and the Giant Peach
ELA 3-5  Mr. Popper’s Penguins
ELA 6-8  Anne Frank
ELA 6-8  Seedfolks
ELA HS  Figurative and Literal Language
ELA HS  Mythology
ELA HS  Poetry Unit
 Math K-2  Counting and Cardinality
Math  K-2  Geometry
Math K-2  Graphing
Math K-2  Measurement
 Math 3-5  Fractions
 Math 3-5  Fractions
Math 3-5  Patterns and Repetitions
Math 6-8  Geometry: Polygons in the Real World
Math 6-8  Math Functions
 Math 6-8  Ratios & Proportions
 Math HS  Geometry
 Math HS  Geometry – Congruence
 Math HS  Interpreting Equations
Math HS  Mean, Median, Mode
Science K-3  Composting
Science K-3  Phases of the Moon
Science 4-5/6-8  Human Body
Science 4-5  Rainforest
Science 6-8  Ecosystems
Science 6-8  Energy
Science 6-8  Plant and Animal Cells
Science 6-8  Properties of Matter
Science 6-8  Water Cycle Unit
Science HS  Chemistry Unit
Social Studies K-3  Maps and Globes
Social Studies 4-5  Titanic
Social Studies 4-5  Tom Sawyer
Social Studies 4-5  Where in the World Are We?
Social Studies 6-8  Revolutionary War
Social Studies  6-8  Supply and Demand


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