Lesson Planning

The Lesson Wise process was developed to take you from the selection of a standard to implementation in your classroom.

This framework streamlines the shift from a strictly functional curriculum and/or social inclusion to a more academic grade band content curriculum.

Through this process you will be able to embed personally relevant skills and real life applications within instruction that addresses the standards.

Lesson Wise Steps:

  1. Identify the standard(s)
  2. Define learning outcomes
  3. Identify instructional activities
  4. Identify IEP goals and/or skills to embed in instructional activities

For more details view the Lesson Wise annotated version.

Download the Lesson Wise process form (.docx)
Download the Lesson Wise process form (.pdf)

Take the Lesson Wise process one step further and develop a standards-based lesson plan.The Lesson Plan will take the learning outcomes and instructional activities defined in Lesson Wise and walk you through the process of creating objectives that meet the needs of all students.

Download the Lesson Plan form (.docx)
Download the Lesson Plan form (.pdf)


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