The ACCESS project promotes access to the general education curriculum for students with significant intellectual disabilities.

To assist teachers in providing access to the general education curriculum, Grade Band Extensions (GBEs) were created.  GBEs are entry points to the Delaware Content Standards.

Individual standards (academic skills) were customized to include three levels of access ranging from highest to lowest complexity.  The three extensions allow for various starting points based on individual student need.

Teachers will use the GBEs when planning academic activities aligned to the state standards.  Teachers must also consider incorporating other skills necessary for student success into academic activities such as communication, self-determination, gross/fine motor, and social skills.

Instruction using the GBEs can occur anywhere from a self-contained classroom in a separate building to a general education classroom.

The GBEs are also the basis of Delaware’s alternate assessment, DCAS-Alt1.  Test items are based on the GBEs so it is important that students receive instruction aligned to the GBEs throughout the school year. The DCAS-Alt1 is designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as they relate to the GBEs.

For more information about the Grade Band Extensions, click on the links below –

Grade Band Extensions – Frequently Asked Questions

Grade Band Extensions for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Grade Band Extensions – A closer look. This short video will guide you through a standard and grade band extensions.

For more information about the DCAS-Alt1, click on the links below –

Parent DCAS-Alt1 FAQ

Delaware Department of Education DCAS-Alt1 Portal

Have questions or want more information about access to the general education curriculum, GBEs or the DCAS-Alt1? 

Assistance is available to families and community members through the ACCESS Project Family Liaison. Individual consultation as well as a variety of training sessions about the GBEs, access to the general education curriculum and the DCAS-Alt1 is available.

For more information contact Judi MacBride at 302-831-3707 or email judim@udel.edu.

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