Delaware Content Standards

Aligning curriculum to the Delaware Content Standards

Recognizing the need to make the content standards accessible to all students, the Delaware Department of Education in collaboration with the University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies created the Grade Band Extensions and accompanying Companion Guide.  These resources were developed to assist educators in providing access to the general education curriculum in order to improve educational and achievement outcomes for students with significant intellectual disabilities.

Delaware Content Standards Grade Band Extensions (GBEs)

To view the complete GBEs click on the content area below:
English Language Arts
Social Studies

To view the GBE’s by grade band, click on the content area and grade band below:

ELA Math Science Social Studies
K-2 K-2 K-3 K-3
3-5 3-5 4-5 4-5
6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8





Companion Guides

Companion guides assist in navigating the GBEs.  Use the guides for:

  • Selecting content standards and associated GBEs
  • Developing lessons that provide access to the general education curriculum

Useful tips:

  • Essential standards that are critical for student success are highlighted
  • Examples provided for embedding additional skills/concepts into instruction
  • Ideas for possible accommodations that can be used to support students based on individual need
  • Real life application examples provided to aid in the generalization of skills

Grade Band Extensions Companion Guide – ELA & Math

Grade Band Extension Companion Guide – Science

Grade Band Extensions Companion Guide – Social Studies

For more information about Grade Band Extensions contact the ACCESS team at (302) 831-1052 or or view our current professional development sessions.

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