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Providing ACCESS and Understanding with Universal Design for Learning – ACCESSing UDL in Delaware

The ACCESS Project’s Universal Design for Learning Initiative began in the Spring of 2017 as a small 10-week pilot with a middle school team of three 7th grade English Language Arts teachers who wanted to change their practice and help meet the needs of all children in the classroom. The initiative has since expanded to include all 6th, 7th and 8th-grade core academic teachers in the same middle school, as well as 1st -6th-grade reading teachers in an elementary school and two cohorts in two different high schools in Delaware.

(CAST, 2015)

Participants in the UDL Implementation Initiatives are provided with multiple professional opportunities throughout the school year including whole-school workshops and presentations centered around the needs of the school-based on monthly data. In addition, professional learning centers around monthly classroom visits, coaching sessions, support around grade-level planning and professional learning communities, modeling of instructional strategies and facilitation of teacher self-reflection. Within each school, the focus of the UDL implementation is on building capacity within schools by equipping each UDL team with the knowledge, resources and flexibility to implement UDL to remove any barriers to learning so that each student has an equal opportunity to succeed.


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